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Simon Shieh

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Simon ShiehName: Simon Shieh

Gender: Male

Country: USA

Experience: Black Belt 3rd Degree in Tang Soo Do, Red Band 5th Khan in Black Tiger Muay Thai, 3 years training under the Black Tiger System, 10+ years martial arts training


I have been training with Adjarn Vince Soberano in Muay Thai since January of 2009, when he was teaching in a small space in Beijing’s SOHO neighborhood. The classes were always packed with people who left the floor wet with sweat, the windows fogged, and would always leave tired and satisfied. Since the first class I took with Adjarn Vince I knew his instruction would take me to the level where I wanted to be.

The environment he creates in his gym is one promoting simple hard work and a serious attitude towards martial arts and fitness, while upholding a strong feeling of camaraderie and openness towards all students ranging from very beginner to advanced, Chinese to expatriate, male to female.

Finding Black Tiger in Beijing was a relief for me; the training is as tough as any gym or karate school I trained at in the U.S. and the classes always consist of fresh material that has reinvented my idea of Muay Thai and martial arts in general.