Functional Training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts

Timo Pyeon

Strength, Stamina and Skill - in just 3 months!

Name: Timo Pyeon

Gender: Male Age: 30 years old Occupation: Educator

Country: UK

Training Experience:

2 months Muay Thai group classes in 2009 then nothing until July 2010 when I started Personal Training with Vince.


I have always been in reasonable shape, always tried to look after my health by eating and going to the gym. No matter what I’ve done my level of conditioning, strength and appearance have never drastically altered. I’ve always put this down to my genetics and been fatalistic about it; I’m one of those guys who can eat and eat and not put on any weight.

Unfortunately this summer I contracted mononucleosis and was incapacitated for a month. During that time my spleen and liver enlarged, I lost all my energy and appetite and was generally a wreck. When I got better I was determined to really get in shape.

Rather than just banging away at the gym doing the same thing as I’ve always done I decided to bite the bullet and do some personal training sessions with Vince. Honestly speaking the price was daunting and I was nervous as I was so out of shape and crap at Muay Thai.

I needn’t have worried at all, Vince is a fantastic coach. He listened to what I wanted out of the sessions (to get in shape and kick arse), assessed my skill and fitness level then got me working hard.

My kicking was crap and I never made much progress in group class, well, I could kick harder after a month but not better. Rather than just asking me to keep kicking until I improved, Vince was able to figure out what I was doing wrong, then add supplementary exercises to correct my poor technique. I quickly felt what I was doing wrong and what I had to do to improve.

In terms of strength and conditioning you will experience great variety, challenge and intensity. It’s this combination that has finally led to my body changing. From HIIT, skipping and circuit training to kettle bells, resistance bands and olympic lifts there is always something to push you into changing and adapting.

After years of flitting between different things, trying to educate myself using the internet, the only thing that has given me results has been training with Vince. As such I can only give him my full recommendation.

One caveat: Vince will push you, but it’s still you that has to do the hard work. Don’t expect to show your face for a month, coast through the sessions then look like an adonis.