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Cover Story of Muscle and Fitness Magazine (Sept 2010)

Making History with Muscle & Fitness Magazine

Black Tiger Worldwide founder and master instructor Vince Soberano was recently featured as the cover story for the Chinese edition of Muscle & Fitness Magazine. This is the first time in the magazine's history in China that a non-bodybuilder is featured for the cover story. Vince was recognized for his leadership and promotion of Martial Fitness, a dynamic and highly effective cardio, strength and total-body conditioning system that is wholly based on Muay Thai and other martial arts. At the age of 46, Vince is the poster boy of fitness for people of all ages. The article discusses how Vince keeps his body in fighting shape at his age and what supplemental programs and nutritional formulas he uses to maintain his extraordinary fitness level.

Muscle and Fitness Magazine - Sept 2010

Muscle and Fitness Magazine - Sept 2010 MET-Rx advertisement MET-Rx advertisement