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The Truth About Exercise

Exercise does not burn off pounds

...but it makes you look great!

Exercise kills fatA recent study was conducted with 411 adult women with different workout schedules. Those who worked out between one to three hours a week for six months did not lose weight more significantly than those who engaged in sedentary activities. Amazing but true. Other recent studies came to the same conclusion: Moderate workouts don't lead to weight loss. Experts say that this is because exercising moderately makes us hungrier, but we burn less calories than we actually eat.

There's also a biological explanation: As with weight loss, one of the ways the human body adapts to an increase in exercise is to lower its resting metabolic rate by about 7%, according to the studies. Thus the body actually ends up burning fewer calories - anywhere from 50 to 75 fewer per day.



Train for Explosive Strength and Stamina

Plyometrics with the medicine ballPlyometrics are exercises that utilize the Stretch-Shortening Cycle (SSC). These are training routines that are designed to build explosive power - the product of strength plus speed. They consist of fundamental movements such as jumping, striking, and throwing.

A plyometric exercise consists of three parts. The first is a rapid muscle-lengthening movement called the eccentric phase. Second comes a short resting period called the amortization phase. The third is an explosive, muscle-shortening movement called the concentric phase. These three parts are performed in rapid sequence. A basic example is the squat.

Example exercises in my Plyometrics Circuit Training system are: squat jumps, leaps (jump off one foot, land on opposite foot), hops (jump and land on same foot), Thai Pad and Heavy Bag strikes, medicine ball slams, and Judo throws. I also like to use the TRX suspension straps for explosive exercises such as pistol hops and jumping knees.


Exercise Snacking

No time to exercise? Try 10-minute workouts

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No time to exercise? Shorter, more frequent exercise sessions of at least 10 minutes that incorporate intense strength training or cardio intervals can lead to dramatic results, experts say.

NEW YORK — The procrastinators, the super-busy, and the easily bored in pursuit of a manageable fitness routine may find what they seek in the 10-minute workout.

Experts say what these short bursts of activity, sometimes called exercise snacking, lack in duration they can make up for in intensity.


Metabolic Training for Combat Sports

Metabolic training equipmentMetabolic Training is the core method of our combat conditioning system. It is the fastest and most efficient way to improve explosive strength and muscular endurance for combat sports. As an added bonus, it burns insane amounts of fat per session. This is how I train fighters and PT clients alike. Even the group classes are designed with Metacon (metabolic conditioning) components. What is Metabolic Training or Metabolic Conditioning? In simplest terms it refers to exercises that will improve or enhance the body’s energy systems - the aerobic and anaerobic systems.

  • Aerobic means in the presence of oxygen and anaerobic means without oxygen. Aerobic activities involve low intensity exercises that are performed for 15 minutes or more, such as biking, swimming and jogging.
  • Anaerobic activities involve moderate to high-intensity activities that are performed anywhere from a few seconds to 2-3 minutes. An example is a kettlebell circuit, a round on Thai Pads, or high-intensity heavy bag training.

A popular misconception is that if people wanted to lose fat, they would go jogging. Jogging seems to be the exercise of choice for fat loss. The truth is, you don't burn enough calories during the workout to amount to any substantial fat loss.


Best way to lose fat

Lose that fat fast!42 ways to lose that belly fat fast:

1. Make a plan and stick with it
2. Carry water everywhere to start losing stomach fat
3. Color your plate (lots of veggies and fruits)
4. Cut out fast food – it’s an absolute must!
5. Cut out soda and sweetened drinks


Sleep to Get Fit

Muscles Develop Faster the More Sleep You Get

Are you spending hours a week at the gym and wondering why your fitness level is not getting any better? If you are looking at the newest trend in dieting or investing in the latest exercise machine, you might be looking in the wrong place. It may very well be that you simply aren't getting enough sleep.

Sleep more, develop fasterGetting Pumped While You Snooze

As strange as it sounds, for all the hard work you do in the gym the real gains occur while you are asleep. The body cycles between several stages of sleep in a night. During these stages, your body repairs and adapts to the stimulus you exert upon it during physical activity. This recovery and adaptation is the key to improving your fitness level, whether it be gaining strength, muscle or cardiovascular endurance.

When you repeatedly exert force with your muscles, small tears occur in the muscular fibers. Your body also undergoes neurophysiological transformations as your nervous system adapts to become more efficient and better coordinated at whatever physical activity you engage in. Both this repair and adaptation occur during the deepest stages of sleep, which account for most of the time spent while asleep.


What is Cardio Kickboxing?

Cardio KickboxingCardio Kickboxing is a fusion of boxing, martial arts and aerobics usually done rhythmically to music. Offering an intense cross-training and total-body workout it utilizes the training routines used by combat athletes in martial arts, boxing and kickboxing. The objective of cardio kickboxing is not to make a "fighter" out of you, but rather to give you a holistic, total-body training program that combines an aerobic workout with the movements and techniques of martial arts. In addition the classes provides strength training benefits because of the "resistance" when punching or kicking the heavy bags and striking pads. However, unlike training in combat sports, there is no physical contact as in sparring. Cardio kickboxing is offered as a fun and functional alternative to conventional aerobics training for fitness buffs who want a great workout with equally great results.

Unlike a traditional martial arts class, the use of high-energy music adds to your stimulation and motivation. Unlike an aerobics class, there are numerous techniques you can learn beyond the basics to maintain your interest level. Classes go by fast because there is so much going on and so much to learn.

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