Functional Training for Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts

Evolution of Martial Fitness

Black Tiger Fight Fitness SystemVince Soberano,  founder and master instructor of Black Tiger Muay Thai and Fight Fitness  Studios

The Black Tiger Fight Fitness System comes with a long history of martial arts and fighter conditioning training, since the first Black Tiger Gym opened in San Diego, California in 1992, by the original founder and certified Muay Thai master instructor Vince Soberano. Now, Vince has evolved his system to pioneer the term "Martial Fitness" - a new concept of functional fitness training using components from Muay Thai, Boxing, Mixed Martial Arts and functional training. It is a fitness, strength and conditioning system for fighters and non-fighters alike.

There are different training programs that Black Tiger Fight Club & Fitness Studios offer. They range from simple weight-loss exercise programs to hardcore fighter conditioning training as well as certified trainers courses and corporate programs.

Modern Muay Thai (MMT) Fight Conditioning

This is the mainstay program at Black Tiger.  It is a fitness and conditioning system based on the training that Muay Thai fighters use or MMA bouts. It consists of all the practical Muay Thai training for MMA which includes wrestling and ground-fighting conditioning drills and strengthening exercises. The MMT Fight Conditioning program focuses primarily on the conditioning and fitness training, although students may learn fighting techniques through the various drills and exercises. It is also enhanced with functional training equipment such as kettlebells, resistance bands and medicine balls.

The Black Tiger MMT system is very practical for fitness and functional training because it consists of total-body movements from a stand-up position to a ground position. It covers all ranges of fight conditioning and works muscular and cardiovascular systems that are normally not used by boxers and wrestlers individually. In this system, all the striking and grappling drills are combined into a fluid functional fitness regimen.

MMT System Breakdown (Basic to Intermediate Levels)

  1. Striking
  2. Wrestling
  3. Ground-Fighting
    1. Ground-Fighting Positions
    2. Ground Strikes
    3. Escape-to-Standup

Black Tiger Martial Fit Certified Trainer Program

The Martial Fit Certified Trainer Program is a complete system of training trainers at various levels. There are 5 levels of certified trainers in the Martial Fit program:Black Tiger Certified Trainers

  • Level 1 Basic Muay Thai Fitness Trainer
  • Level 1 Basic MMT Fitness Trainer
  • Level 2 Advanced MMT Fitness Trainer
  • Level 3 Expert Black Tiger Martial Fit Trainer
  • Level 4 Muay Thai Fitness Master Trainer
  • Level 5 Black Tiger Martial Fit Master Trainer

The Ranking System for Trainers consists of the following:

  1. Level 1 - Blue Band - Basic Muay Thai Fitness Trainer
  2. Level 1 - Blue-and-White Band - Basic MMT Fitness Trainer
  3. Level 2 - Red Band - Advanced MMT Fitness Trainer
  4. Level 3 - Black Band - Expert Black Tiger Martial Fit Trainer
  5. Level 4 - Black-and-White Band - Master Trainer (Muay Thai Fitness)
  6. Level 5 - Black-and-Red Band - Master Trainer (Black Tiger Martial Fit)